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NavigationPlanner is the only PC Program specifically designed for marine planning with Navionics charts.

Plan with your PC at home, on board or in the office, transfer routes and waypoints to your chart plotter.
Install on two computers plus a spare activation.


New: NavigationPLANNER 7.04 (free upgrade for customers who already have version 7.00 to 7.03)
WEATHER using THEYR weather to display weather data on top of the charts. See wind, pressure, rainfall and wind, pressure, wave sample displays
Support for Navionics SONARCHARTS
New route library (allowing multiple routes on the chart, zoom to route and much more)
Calculate route with tides (shows tide gain or loss) AND Optimal Planning (calculating the best time to leave taking into account tides).
Improved support for Windows 8 touch screens and tablets.
NavigationPlanner allows you to back up all your waypoints and routes on your PC, import data from other sources and transfer them to your plotter.

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