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Navigation PLANNER ver. 7 rel. notes

Version 7.00
Changed the status bar lat/long to better colour so easier to see.
Total route distance now shown on status bar when creating routes.
Support for Navionics Sonar Charts (useful for fishing, divers etc.)
Added Route plan for calculating the route with tides.
added Optimal planning for calculating the best time to leave
 taking into account tides.
New waypoint display with transparent text boxes and intelligent text
 display (overlapping waypoint text is removed so the display is less cluttered)
More waypoint data can be displayed on the chart (including waypoint notes)
Multiple routes can now be shown on the chart (and any of the visible
 routes can all be selected and immediately edited on screen)
Automatic route colouring when a route is created.
Route library function which allows multiple routes to be displayed
 on the chart, copying of routes, zooming directly to a route,
 expand or collapse all route data, buttons to “Show all routes”
 or “Hide all routes” plus much more.
Save and load route libraries to disk and automatically loads the
 previously loaded library when the program starts.
Routes can be shown in “summary” mode which draws the route round
 the route points (useful for race routes, planning of races etc.)
Route point text display with transparent boxes and has the same
 intelligent text display as waypoints and priority is given to the
 first route point (which can have the route name displayed) and
 last point so that when zoomed out the route can still be seen.
Route leg details are shown on the leg line (which is selectable
 to show any of the items, leg number, bearing and/or distance)
Routes, when calculated with tides (a Plan) has coloured indicators
 to show whether a leg has gained or lost because of the tide.
Data fields on the display are resized automatically if the windows
 text size (DPI) is set to greater than 100% (fields like the cursor
 latitude/longitude at the bottom of the main display)
Added latest Magnetic Variation data.
Special “Copy to clipboard” buttons added to various dialogs like
 “Route Properties”, “Optimal Planning” etc. so data can be easily
 pasted to any word processors or spreadsheet.
Dialogs changed to have larger buttons for improved use on
 Windows 8 touch screen computers and tablets.

Version 7.01 4/10/13
Changed the Optimal Planning dialog so that an plan option
 can be selected (by button or double clicking) and this
 plan is then used/kept.
Added an extra button to the route display dialog so that
 the display settings can be set for all routes in the
Changed the reading of the Humminbird waypoint files to read
 the version 3 waypoint files.
Fixed a problem in the drawing of the routes when in high zoom levels.
Changed the Waypoint Library to move the
 position of the waypoint list back to the position where
 a delete occurred. If there is more than 1 item deleted
 then it moves back to where the    first one is deleted.
Fixed bug in the saving of the Units of depth when changed
 in Chart Properties. The Apply button also enabled when changing
 Presentation of chart data and depth units.
System now also saves the safety contour drawing
 settings and uses them when loading a chart.
Fixed bug in waypoint add so data fields are not cleared when
 changing the symbol.
Waypoint sort list now more specific for sorting (the word
 "Long name" is now used rather than just "Name").

Version 7.02 7/10/13
Fixed bug in the depth units storage.
Fixed bug in symbol display.

Version 7.03 01/01/14
Corrected the display of the services to use new Navionics data.
Changed the Tide Now box to show 24 hour clock.
Corrected a bug in the tides that occurred only on a few days in the year.
Changed drawing of light sectors to repair a bug in Navionics library.

Version 7.04 28/08/14
Updating of tide arrows in real time option.
Changed some error messages to make them clearer in particular the error 1011
 that is when a chart does not register properly.
Modified the optimal planning calculations so that it can be cancelled
and the progress bar is more reliable.
Changed the options to allow copying of the charts to a pen drive
 or some other forms of removeable drives.
Fixed bug in Navionics library when a "Recomended Track" object
 has an enquiry made upon it.
Changed the writing of the Raymarine routes as the Raymarine convertor
 must have route numbers starting at 0.
Changed the button "Load route from plotter" in the route library
 so it is enabled all the time.
Changed system so that THEYR weather cannot be subscribed too unless valid
 serial number is present and the product has been activated.

Version 7.05  9th October 2014
Added support for Raymarine GPX files including the Raymarine Extensions
to allow editing of routes and then resend to the plotter without it
creating a new route. Seperate waypoint and route GPX files and
all GPX files can be individually named.
Added full set of Raymarine symbols for aSeries,cSeries, eSeries and
the gS Series.

Version 7.06 05/01/15
Fixed bug in optmal tide route planning for very short legs at high speed.
Added 30 day trial facility.

Version 7.07 3rd March 2015
Added MAG VAR changes for dates up to 2020.
Fixed a minor bug in reading USR version 4 files for range ring distance.

Version 7.08 12 June 2015
Improved messages when loading the weather forecast data.
Increased the number of weather forecast steps allowed when loading GRIB files.
Changed the export to a CSV file to include the route point names if they
 are set.
Changed the display of the weather so that colour chages are instantly
 made if they are changed.
Added a facility to the weather display to allow the user to set a wind speed
 limit and draw all wind arrows above that speed in red. Also added the same
 facility for Wave heights as well as changing the colours when using this option.

Version 7.09 05/10/15
Fixed a problem with the display of mutiple barrel buoys in ports. Now shows
them as black squares so they do not clutter the screen. The presentation
DLL is now version 4.5.15.
Fixed a minor memory leak in the Route Properties table dialog.
Updated to later compiler.

Version 7.10 18/01/16
Changed the SETUP.EXE to remove the download of the
visual studio C++ requisites as it loaded an older version
from Microsoft web site.
Changed the output of the strings to remove all out of range
characters and also to convert all foreign characters to
characters in the ASCII range when processing the
Raymarine GPX files.
Added NavigationPLANNER PLUS facilities.
Changed reading the version 4 USR files to allow for converted files
to have a unique ID of zero even though this is normally invalid.

Version 7.15 31st May 2017
Corrected a problem with Weather dialog when cannot download data OR THEYR
 weather subscription has not been entered.
Added the vcredist for version 9 and 10 to setup files.
Added support for the NMEA0183 message HDM. Very old NMEA message that
Raymarine use.
All languages in UNICODE.
Added unit configuration for Temperature, weight, Pressure and Small Lengths.
Added better description for Error 1117 when copying chart files.
Changed import of waypoints to cope with a ' on the end of a lat or long.
Changed the options for the export of waypoints to include
 - DMS Degrees, minutes and seconds
 - Degrees and decimal minutes and N/S in seperate columns
 - Degrees, Minutes, seconds and N/S in separate columns.
Stopped the removal of the # character from Raymarine GPX files
   for any names in waypoints and routes.

Version 7.16 4th July 2017
Fixed a problem with the Raymarine C Series .FSH file export after
Unicode changes.

Version 7.17 14th December 2017
Corrected a spelling mistake.
Fixed problem with copy to clipboard for Routes and optimum routes
Added support for reading Lowrance/B&G USR files version 5 and 6.
Version 7.18 15th May 2018

Changed /NOSPLASH to stop the acceptance screen showing.
ADDED WINNING FISHING menues with user accounts, catches etc.
Added the right click option to "create catch at this point"
Added Precipitation rate units setup in configuration.
Corrected a problem with the display of routes across the dateline.
Improved efficiency of route drawing in the process.

Version 7.19 11th June 2018
Change Winning Fishing web url and release of subscription system.

Version 7.20 7th Aug 2018
Fixed an error that caused the Quota to be exceeded when uploading images.
Stopped uploading of catches after just downloading all catches.

Version 7.21 12th Nov 2018
Added facility to create a catch based on a previous catch and selecting
which sections of data should be copied across.
Added sort facility on Catch Library screen.
Added export to spreadsheet/database (.csv file).