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What do our customers think?

Peter Silcok, 20 years a sailor, 30 ft Fast cruising Cat wrote:-

I decided that a computer on board would form the hub of the electronic charting, navigation and planning system. I wanted a chart system that provided the following features:-

  • Vector Chart with Zoom and layer switching
  • Simple, instinctive operation with BIG BUTTONS when sailing
  • Automatic data collection
  • Easy route planning with quick route clicking and detour routes
After careful research I chose PC Plotter because:-
  • Excellent, clear charts, showing just the information you want
  • Excellent "At Sea Buttons"
  • Data is logged automatically and can be exported/imported to Excel

The confidence given from seeing your position and track "before your very eye's" is amazing, enabling short-handed trips to be very restful. The paper chart is in the nav area but seldom opened.

Regulation 34 - Safe Navigation and Avoidance of Dangerous Situations now applies to us Yotties, covering passage planning, contingency planning, weather, limitations of the boat, crew, and navigational dangers. PC Plotter is the ideal way to easily plan a trip and print out a plan taking weather and tides into account.

Trips can be planned from home, for any date in the future. Contingency plans are a cinch, diverting to other ports, etc or have one for every port.

The PC Plotter Web site answers questions and provides full support for PC Plotter. Download a demonstration system from the Web site - the best thing is to just play with it. Then buy a full copy with chart and see how "real time" on the water it will change sailing.

Patrick Keating - experienced sailor, and yacht operator

Just had a play with the package using your chart for an hour. Also did a weather trial.
I have to say I am very impressed with it for ease of use so far and the amount and quality of data it produces. I have been using PC based nav systems since the late 1990s and this one is by far the easiest and most intuitive I have used.
As I am old fashioned (as well as old) I had plotted my routes manually on charts for leaving at 0400 on wed morning and did calculations using the tidal atlas. I had come up with an arrival time of around 16.00. The software used in planning mode for same time and date came in at 15.56. I am well impressed with it.

Gene Whalen - USA

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that your software works great.  I created waypoints and routes over the winter and spring, and uploaded them.  Chartplotter works great and it's so nice to have my library at my fingertips.

Keep up the good work!